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Hey babe!

We thought we’d take a sec to introduce you to our gals - they leave no head unturned at a party and inspired our whole range for

In true spirit of #girlpower, we want to share with you a bit about them and their beauty secrets so you can prim and perfect yourself in Candypants superbabe style.

You’re welcome ;)


We caught up with Robyn one of our gals in Dubai and asked her to fill you in on her creds.


  1. What is your day job? 
  • I work as a flight attendant for Emirates so I'm based in Dubai!
  1. How long have you been part of the CP family? 
  • Candypants was the first (and only) brunch I went to in Dubai! I loved it so much and became part of the CP family a year later. 
  1. What do you love most about CP? 
  • I love how crazy it gets. One minute you are sitting enjoying your food and drink and the next minute there's a smoke gun, inflatable instruments, and people dancing on the tables! It's the best place to be yourself and just let loose. 
  1. What is your fave go to style/ look? 
  • I like the cute and girly style but with a bit of a grungy edge. Baggy jumpers with sparkly heels or cute dresses with trainers. 
  1. Who is your style icon? 
  • I'd have to say people like Arianna Grande or Jade from little mix. They both have that cute but sexy style that I adore. 
  1. What is your must have make-up item? 
  • My highlighter, it's my baby! I use c-pop by becca. My theory is, if you think you're wearing too much highlighter- put on more. 
  1. What is your go to drink/ cocktail? 
  • Anything with bubbles in it. Champagne, Bellini's. Just pop anything in a soda stream really and I'm good to go!
  1. What is your favourite global location/ beach/ resort?
  • I am obsessed with LA. My entire life I am California dreaming. It's so chilled yet glamorous at the same time. I plan to move there one day! 


Check out Robyn's Insta – robynfergusonn 

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