The babes of Instagram are loving our swimwear!

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Ev-er-y-body knows Instagram is where it’s at, and we’re all guilty of following those ‘it’ girls that take the most enviable pics (seriously though, how do they make their coffee look so good!?)  

Well these girls are absolutely loving our swimwear range, and if you haven’t seen the pics, where have you been??

In case you missed out, we’ve done a quick round up of some of our favourites!  

 @charliecaitlyn - 13.7K followers 

 @clo.peach - 17.2K followers 

 @danilucas10 - 91.6K followers 

 @shaunagallon_ - 48.2K followers 

 @x_carms - 118K followers 

 @robynfergusonn - 36.8K

 @k.bea.lowe - 11.3K followers 

 @zaralenajackson - 134K followers 

  @arianna_ajtar - 248K followers 

 @bethanjroberts - 26.6K followers 

 @stephanielamx - 31.7K followers 

We may not be as good with the camera as them, but at least in swimwear we can steal their style inspo!



P.s. babe - they all use facetune & filters ;)


Love, Candypants 



IG - @candypantsstore 




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